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Vigils Reading – St Patrick

Words of God to Humanity, that They Should Obey the Divine Precepts6 From the Fourth Vision of St Hildegard of […]

Vigils Reading

On the Lord’s Parable of the Publican and the Pharisee7 A Homily by St Gregory Palamas ...Not only can virtue […]


Biblical Readings for Office and Mass 4th Week of Lent Mass Readings: Sunday (A), Weekdays (I) March 19 - 25, […]


Sunday, March 19th at 7:25 pm Zoom Link:  

Vigils Reading – St Joseph

St. Joseph’s Intercession2 From the writings of St Teresa of Avila Finding myself so crippled while still young, and earthly […]

Vigils Reading

From the Letters of Armand-Jean de Rancé3 I see, my very dear Monsieur, that your ills are not at an […]

Vigils Reading

The Power of Virtue4 From the discourses and sayings of Dorotheos of Gaza At the time when I was one […]

Vigils Reading

You, O Lord, are My Hope5 From the Sermons on Conversion by St Bernard of Clairvaux Whatever must be done, […]