Formation for Members

If you are interested in becoming a MEMBER of the LCG, please email your name, mailing address and phone number to

*Note that we only are able to accept people who live in the United States and/or Canada.

We welcome and encourage new members and friends of LCG.  The mutual support and inspiration by our members enhances a person’s journey to better know and live the lay Cistercian charism.  An accepted candidate is paired with an experienced mentor in a program usually lasting for two years during which the candidate becomes familiar with LCG and applies in life the lay Cistercian charism.  The member also participates in local community activity supplemented by the one-to-one relationship between candidate and mentor.  When the candidate, mentor, and the local community sense the time is right, the candidate makes a solemn yet joyful commitment before lay sisters and brothers and the Gethsemani monastic community during Vespers at the Abbey.

The following items can be reviewed as a candidate considers LCG membership:

Ongoing Formation Documents for LCG members: