LCG Officers, Trustees and Committees

Officers January 27, 2019:

LCG Coordinator – Nancy Sparrow
Vice-Coordinator – Jane Endriss
Secretary – Rebecca Diloreto
Treasurer – Don Harbaugh

Advisory Council Members:

Rebecca Diloreto (Kentucky)

John Duckett (Tennessee)

Gene Dustman (Indiana)

Deacon Bob Anderson (Spiritus)

Allen Thyssen (Spiritus)

Ray Geers (Cincinnati, OH)

Scott Gilliam (Cincinnati, OH)

Mary Haley (Chicago, IL)

Catherine Poland (Cleveland, OH)

Don Harbaugh (Columbus, OH)

Robert Johnson (Chicago, IL)

Marge Kielkopf (Columbus, OH)

Linda Milco (Midland, MI)

Larry Milco, (Midland, MI)

Michelle Oliviere (Eastern PA)

Nancy Sparrow (Kentucky)

Jim Tighe (Indiana)

Judy Weddle (Tennessee)




Spiritual Advisors from the Abbey of Gethsemani:
Fr. Michael Casagram, Br. Frederic Collins, and Br. Gaetan Blanchette