A brief homily by Fr Michael for the Feast of St Andrew

St Andrew plays a major role in the NT. Though in our gospel from Matthew, he is first called directly by Jesus along with his brother Peter, to become fishers of men, in John’s gospel we have him taking Peter to Jesus after having met Jesus as a disciple of John the Baptist.

What is striking about him and his brother is the way Jesus called them right in the midst of the circumstances of their daily lives and the way they are so deeply touched and respond in faith. God is ever calling each one of us right in the middle of our everyday lives and whatever we may be doing, to be living witnesses of the great love that has come to us through his Son Jesus. As often as we respond in faith and love we are proclaiming the Kingdom of God. We can evangelize right in the humblest of circumstances.

Due to St Andrew relics being carried to various parts of the world, he is greatly loved and honored throughout the world, in Constantinople, in Russia, in Scotland as well as in Rome. We find realized in him the fulfillment of those words quoted by Paul in our first reading: “Beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”