Advent 2017


“Advent is primarily about the coming of God, and only in a secondary way about our asking, seeking, waiting, and longing. There is hope, because we are unconditionally loved, whatever may be our failures, our trepidity, or our secret despair. The word ‘Come’ is a bearer of mystery.” Maria Boulding, The Coming of God.

LCG sisters and brothers in solidarity are encouraged to make special provision for this Advent season. Many of us devote time during the season to read and pray a special book. Our reading program can inspire and offer greater confidence as we read a book along with our LCG sisters and brothers.

Any book might suffice—the discipline is important. And more, reading during Advent can better focus to embrace God’s word in your life. This year we suggest you consider from the following:

1. A Monastery Journey to Christmas by Brother Victor-Antoine D’Avila-Latourrette. Based on the ancient Christian tradition of meditating throughout the forty days before and after Christmas, this book follows the rhythm of the Advent/Christmas journey as it takes place in a monastery that is as tiny as Bethlehem itself …. With scripture, sacred writings, and current literature, this is an excellent companion, a daily guide for our Christmas journey toward the unfolding of the mystery to be revealed: God incarnate, Christ the Lord.

2. Prayer: Our Deepest Longing by Fr. Ron Rolheiser. From Amazon review: With simple, down-to-earth language, Rolheiser illustrates the importance of prayer and offers techniques for how to pray, using examples from daily life, Scripture, and contemporary writers. He delves into the places that we fear to go with our issues about prayer, encouraging us with gentle kindness and words of hope and inspiration.

3. The Little Blue Book by the Saginaw (MI) Diocese. An Advent daily tasting of six-minute reflections on the Infancy Narrative of Matthew. It may be available through your local parish or look at ; also available through Amazon.

Thank you for joining with your LCG sisters and brothers.
Advent Blessings to you,
LCG Advisory Council