Fr. Michael Casagram – Reflection 5/21/21 Jesus asks “Do you love me?”

I find myself entering into St Peter’s distress after Jesus asks him a third time “Do you love me?” All of us can find ourselves in a similar predicament as we live our Christian and monastic lives. We make promises of poverty, chastity and obedience summed up in our vows of Conversion of manners and Stability but when push comes to shove we all know how easy it is renege on our promises, on our protestations of love.

And our Christian life is not just about being faithful to commitments but of feeding God’s sheep. It is never enough to come to know our own weakness and continual dependence on grace. Christ calls us into share in the weakness of all our brothers and sister, doing all we can to alleviate their sufferings. This means entering more and more into a mystery much bigger than we imagined.