Fr. Michael – Reflection – Prodigal Son 03/03/18

+[Mi 7,14-15;18-20, Lk 15,1-3,11-32]

Our parable today is often called that of the prodigal son but better described, it seems to me, as the parable of the prodigal father. In a few sentences we are given to see the nature of God as one filled with unconditional love, loving us at all times and ever ready to share with us this unimaginable gift.

We identify with one or other of the two sons at different points in our lives, perhaps even within a given day. At times we end up acting out of our selfish desires like the younger son and then we find ourselves caught in subtle forms of pride over what we have done or by looking down on others who don’t measure up to our expectations. In either case God is always near us, ready to forgive our self-centeredness or to remind us that all is grace, that of ourselves we are nothing. We are being invited daily to share in God’s very own unconditional love, to let our hearts overflow, as St Benedict invites us, with the inexpressible delight of love, so as to run along the paths of God’s commands.

The Eucharist calls us into this each day as we are given the very Body and Blood of God’s beloved Son so as to live as God’s very own beloved sons and daughters.