Looking for Submissions for LCG Journal! Please consider submitting…..

Looking for Submissions for LCG Journal! Please consider submitting…..

We are in the process of publishing our next edition of our journal. Once we have enough material we will publish it.

Please consider submitting to us poems, articles, stories, art work, photos, or anything that promotes The Abbey of Gethsemani and the relationship that you may have with it, as well as with the group. We can also receive book reviews for consideration.

Our purpose for this journal is to share with one another how we are understanding and living a contemplative life within the Cistercian charism,  and we would love to hear how that looks for you.

Think of what it would be like to be cared for In ways that you cannot even Imagine or even think of. What if you are drawn so close to The one who loves you, that every breath Is shared, and the beam of light in your eye Is the same ray that shines in his? What if your thoughts become present In his mind, so that he responds before You have even spoken them? As much as you delight just being In his shadow, he longs to be in yours Just the same. What if his love for you was so great That when you cried, he wept with you And for you? And his comfort came in whispered Litanies of love – that only you can Hear and understand, What if you knew that when you suffer He would stop at nothing to take it away From you, even to the point of his death? And what if all of eternity was Promised to you, and the benefits therein Could you ignore his wooing?   Written 5-9-2021  L. Boerstler

Please send LCG Journal submissions to Poetry328@aol.com

Thank you!