Reflection at Eucharist 5/19/18 by Fr. Michael

+As we come to the end of the Easter season, our readings are taken from the last chapters both of the Acts of the Apostles and the gospel of John. With the coming of the Holy  Spirit the Church is empowered to live the gospel, the fullness of the Christian life even as both Saints Paul and John were empowered to do.

When the early disciples thought that John was not going to die because of what Jesus had said to Peter about him, John only suggests what Jesus may have meant by what he said. If we yield to the working of grace in our own lives, allow the Holy Spirit become the very source of our life and vitality, then we too, like John, become his beloved disciples. Death no longer holds cause for fear, for God’s life is already at work within us. It no long matters when the Lord will come.

Let us then, this day, pray with Mary for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon our lives, upon the lives of those we love, upon the whole world. Let us pray that we realize and experience just how much we are God’s very own sons and daughters so as to become living witnesses to this divine life to all those with whom we live.