Reflection at Eucharist on 12/7/21 – Fr. Micheal Casagram

+This memorial of St Ambrose is a great example of what can happen in a more synodal Church. In 374 when the Bishop of Milan had died, the local Church was terribly divided and on the verge of terrible violence Ambrose the provincial governor went to the basilica to speak to the people in an effort to find a peaceful solution. A cry rose up from the people “Ambrose for Bishop” leaving him horrified for he wasn’t yet baptized. Within a week he was baptized, confirmed, ordained and consecrated Bishop of Milan.

So as we enter into this Eucharist celebration, let us be mindful of where we may not be open to the presence and working of the Holy Spirit in our own lives!

What is your opinion, Jesus asked in our gospel this morning. How ready are we to leave the ninety-nine in search of the sheep that has gone astray? It is this kind of love Jesus pours into our hearts each day, all that is necessary is to allow our hearts to be filled with it. To do so, it won’t take us long to notice the ninety-ninth and who knows, it may be you or me in need of such loving care. May we be filled with it.

(Is 40:1-11; Mt 18:12-14)