Reflection: Fr. Michael Casagram 12/19/21 “The Quiet Waiting of St. Joseph”

(Jer. 23:5-8; Mt 1:18-25)

+This years has been dedicated in a special way to St Joseph by Pope Francis. Our gospel tells us a lot about the person he was when Mary was found to be pregnant before they had come to live together.

We are told how Joseph was a righteous man, one who obeyed the Law, yet was unwilling to expose Mary to shame. Joseph shows himself ready to deal with the mystery that is so much a part of this season. His respect for Mary, his decision to divorce her quietly tell us volumes about the person he was for our own lives. There is a lot going on in our Church and society today that is not easy for any of us to get our heads around but if we go into the quiet waiting of St Joseph we can be sure that God will send to us as well, an angel who will quiet our fears.

Christ is seeking to be born more fully in each one of our lives. If our hearts share in the faith and quiet waiting of St Joseph we can be sure that we too will be ready to carry out all that God is asking of us so that Christ may be born in our world today.