Reflection – Fr. Michael Casagram – 6/1/21 – Truth

+Intro: St Justine was an early Christian philosopher and martyr, intent before kings and rulers on seeking the light of truth.  As we enter into these holy mysteries let us be mindful of those ways we may fail in our search for truth, for the living God.

After the gospel: The Pharisees and Herodians come to Jesus with evil intent, to ensnare him in his speech. They complement Jesus for his truthfulness and disregard for status but Jesus unmasks their hypocrisy. I suspect this is always going on in our own lives as we seek to live in union with Christ. There are subtle ways we too get in the way of opening our hearts to the fullness of God’s grace and truth.

We just heard about this blurring of the truth in the life of the deeply religious Tobit when he accuses his wife of stealing a goat given her as a gift. Amid all his charitable deeds he’s suspicious of the person closest to him. As we celebrate this Eucharist, let us ask the Lord Jesus to keep our eyes open and to fill our hearts with his very own light and love.