Reflection – Fr. Michael Casagram +Feast of Angels and Archangels   Sep.29,’21


(Introduction)Today is the feast of all the angels and since each one of us has a guardian, watching over us day and night, it is a feast to be enjoyed by all the human family. But let us remember in a special way our Fr. Raphael that his witness to God’s loving care for us may continue to grow and prosper.

(Rev. 12:7-12a; Jn 1:47-51)       Reflecting on our scripture texts, I found myself more aware than ever of the spiritual warfare that is going on in our world today. I feel at time we are bombarded by the conflicts of our time and on top of this, as persons of faith we are aware of the conflicts that go on in our own hearts. As often as we turn to God in our need,  God’s merciful love assures us of victory.

Our gospel is an outstanding instance of this.  Jesus spotted Nathaniel coming toward him and knew him to be a true Israelite, that there was no duplicity in him. Jesus had seen him already while he was under a fig tree even before Philip had called him. Jesus is calling each one of us to an abiding faith in his love and care day long. He is not only at our side  but is living within our very hearts if only we may be mindful of his tender and loving presence. As often as we let his presence live in us, we too like the angels, become caring messengers of God’s love to all those with whom we live. To do so is to give delight to our holy Guardians, to become the Eucharist we celebrate here at this altar.