Reflection at Eucharist on 9/29/18 by Fr. Michael Casagram

+We live with a limited vision and awareness. Although the presence of the angels is all around us, it is so easy to be unaware and to ignore its impact on our lives, to feel their loving support.

We do have moments like Nathaniel does in our gospel, when we sense that we too are seen under the fig tree, special moments when we know we are part of a much larger world however hidden our own may be.

As we live in faith, our eyes are opened to see the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man. As we live into faith, Christ’s own life is able to live more and more in our hearts. We begin to see God’s angels ever at work, through  unexpected persons and events that draw us ever deeper into divine love. They fill us with gratitude at the heart of the Sacrament we celebrate.