Reflection – Fr. Michael Casagram 11/11/22

Reflection – Fr. Michael Casagram 11/11/22


Daily we are all being called to relate to God on an ever deeper and closer level. To pray is to realize and acknowledge our great need for grace if we are to accomplish all that we aspire to in life.

The widow going to the judge for a just decision against her adversary is a situation we are all in, to some degree as we grow in awareness of those harmful forces within our hearts and our society that stand in the way of our spiritual growth.

Far more than any dishonest judge, God is ready to secure the rights of his chosen ones who call out to God day and night. If through faith we are steady in our prayer, not only will we see that justice is done but that it will be done speedily. In this widow, not unlike Mary in our lives, we are given a moving incentive to pray always.

(3 Jn 5-8; Lk 18:1-8)